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Clean, concise, and massively creative.

Whether you’re looking for a new freelance copywriter or a new shower gel, it’s not about finding the best one anymore. It’s about finding the right one for you.

I come from a unique mix of philosophy, linguistics, and physics - and I like to think it’s given me a unique style too.

This site is here to give you a chance to get to know me and what I’m about. You won’t find articles telling you about “how to hire a freelance copywriter” or “how to create a digital marketing strategy”. Instead think of this as an introduction to who I am, my creative style, and how I can help your business.

This is what I can do for you

Clear, Effective Copywriting

Words need to inform and convince - and quickly. I'll make sure that yours do just that.

Campaign Strategy and Development

Copywriting is just part of your project. I can help you develop complete cross-media campaigns from the ground up.

Branding and Naming

You know who you are - let me help make sure that everyone else does too.

Information Architecture

Divert that data deluge! I've offered helpful insight into both front- and back-end information architecture, management, and design.

Analytic Strategy and Research

I get on very well with all kinds of data - probably even yours! If you to some help figuring out what your data is telling you, give me a call.

Creative Direction

If you need someone to coordinate and manage your creative talent and production process I'd be happy to help.

A bit about my experience

I'm not permitted to display pieces here due to NDA's, but here's a little bit about what I've done as a freelancer - and who I've done it for!

Whoops! I'm still working on this section! In the meanwhile, here are a few companies whose projects I've been involved with.

  • Microsoft
  • Thomas Cooke Travel
  • Intel
  • Olay
  • Tide
  • IATA
  • Covergirl
  • SanDisk
  • VIA Rail
  • University of Oxford
  • P&G
  • Cisco

Agency partners have included:

  • Microsoft
  • Thomas Cooke Travel
  • Intel
  • Tide

Not your standard freelance creative

My studies in philosophy and physics bring a unique set of skills to the table, including an ability to communicate and collaborate with both creative and data-driven teams. Here's a little bit about what I concentrate on:


Decision and Game Theory

We see ourselves as rational beings, but it's unclear what, precisely, this means. Decision and game theory attempt to formalise and decribe what a rational decision is, as well as what it means to have a reasons for our decisions and our strategies when we interact with others.

Philosophy of Language and Formal Semantics

We still know relatively little about how language works. The philosophy of language asks questions that range from "How do speakers understand each other?" to "What makes a sentence true or false?". It's also closely related to logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and psychology.


Quantum Mechanics and Information

The microscopic world is very different from what we experience. I work to understand what quantum physics actually describes, particularly in the context of information theory - the theory behind quantum computing, cryptography, and teleportation.

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